Nike bats

Anyone have any info on the CX2 AERO FUSE Adult (the white one). I’ve heard they have good pop,but not very durable.

My friend has that bat. He says it’s great, has awesome pop and has held up well, if you were worried about durability. Sick bat.

as with any composity bat, you will be taking a chance with the durability of it, but in my opinion it is worth it as long as you take care of it.

do you guys think that with the composite bat you get more pop or are there any advantages? ive noticed many more composite bats are being made lately.

I think you definitely get more pop but durability is an issue, like dad4baseball said.

I use cf3 red no doubt about it comps have more pop, but only when you get it on the sweet spot. I practice with wood and use my game bats (cf3, 2008 voodoo) in games, makes ya a better hitter and saves those exspensive bats. P.S I like the voodoo better, more balanced for my swing.

I hit the ball much harder with and alloy bat. Comp bats are hopefully just a fad.