Night before a game

Just wondering whats a good routine on the night before a game that i’m pitching. I always have a high carb dinner like pasta or something (thats what im having tonight…game tomm) but thats usually it. So i was just seeing if maybe i should do any kind of exercises like band work, yoga/stretches…etc. Or would it be wise to just take the night off and relax.

I wouldn’t do too much. A little band work just to keep the blood flowing is never a bad thing. The only thing I would do is drink water. Don’t know where you are from, but down here in Georgia, it’s starting to get hot. Most people don’t know that if you wait to drink water when you are thirsty in a game, it is too late. The best thing to do is hydrate a bunch the day before. Other than that, just take it easy and watch some tube or play x-box. Good luck tomorrow.

loaded up on water yesterday and i have alot more energy than usual today. also idk if it was from the water but i wasnt tight at all today(usually really stiff in the morning), woke up really flexable and was able to touch my toes with out warming up at all. Might be a daily routine now haha thanks

It’s important to find what’s comfortable for you. Hydration should be important on any day. Personally, the day before I would devise my gameplan on how I was going to attack the hitters. Once this was in place it was time to kick back and relax.

I would take it easy the night before a start. Get a good meal in me, and take some time to review my game plan for the next day.

I was also one to always think about the start a lot the night before a game, more anxious than anything. I didn’t like to wear myself out, so I made it a routine to have a movie or book to read so I could take my mind off the game for a while and clear my head before I went to sleep.

I’ve heard of pitchers that like to do visualization the night before too. They take time to visualize the pitches they will do to certain hitters, how their fastball will look, etc… Personally, it wasn’t for me, but it might be something you want to try.


Well I’ve been more of a reliever in the past. So I always visualized how and when I would warm up, what the possible situations would be and how I’d handle them. Since my coach has told me I will be starting on the mound this year more then I will probably do something similar and envision my pitches, warmups and in game scenarios. Then it’s always good to clear your mind, something I struggle with but I try to do it.

As mentioned above hydration is important.