Nicolás Ojeda Video Analysis 9u


Need some input to help out my son Nicolás. We had a little sidearm before, that has improved. Any advice, feedback and recomendations would be appreciated. Plays 9u. Thank you all!


Looks good for 9. At this age make sure he has fun, and take care of his arm. Read and follow the advice of Major League Baseball for pitchers aged 8 through 22:


Thank you South_paw


Long as they are having fun! 9u hard to get too technical on them, they are learning. If you want very simple things to work on that will have long term benefit that I noticed. He doesn’t look steady on his plant leg, you mentioned he had some sidearm you were working on which could be some of it. His weight seems to go off to the right, and he is pretty straight up and down, not much follow through. Below is a video of my 9u boy from first game this year, his pitching coach works a lot one simple things he can focus on repeating. Weight going toward target, balanced on plant leg and balance point, then when he finishes, follow through to where he could touch the dirt with the fingers he was griping the ball with, aka to where coach can stack plates on his back. Easy things to work on, not too complicated, I’ll get some video of his next bull pen too. I like it, good stuff without being overly complicated for this age.


Thank You wjchop! Appreciate the tips. Getting over the top has been priority. Now we can work on balance and follow through.


Delivery looks really good for 9u. Keep the camera on him and don’t follow the pitch with it. See if you can get some practice video taken closer to the mound from a true side view. If you want the pitch in the shot, take the video from over the shoulder of the catcher–opposite of where the umpire is set up.


HAHA, this is what happens when mom videos, she wants to capture those results! We are getting ready to fire back up after our 3-4 month time off so I will get some video with better angles and less shaky… hopefully.