Nicolas Johnson 2

after the last post, we made some changes based on feedback from the forum. from what i see, everything looks pretty good. his arm still gets in the high cocked position pretty quick, but he manages to keep his core torque into foot plant. the only “problem” he had was a few high balls.

any suggestions on how to bring the ball flight down?

Next thing I would do with this young man is to change his starting position by putting a bend in the knees and waist and then getting him to get his butt moving forward sooner - like right before the peak of his knee lift.

Also keep an eye on his posture - keep the head upright/eyes level.

From what i see in the vid the high balls would come from realeasing to early try to hold onto the ball a bit longer and maybe finish a little more over the front knee but he already has a pretty good finish. But from my past when i throw high its cause im not finishing properly.

thank you so much for the tips guys. we will work on the starting posture and ball release over the next few days. his next game is monday.

As Roger says a slightly different setup and start should help him. As it is now I see him almost standing up through his delivery. Instead of his head working down the mound parallel to the slope I see his head almost coming up as he releases. If you use the top bar of the fence in the background as a reference you’ll see his head stay level with the bar through delivery instead of following the slope. This “standing up” will contribute to throwing high. Again a better setup and getting his butt moving should help him stay “down” through release. Some coaches will say “bend” but that is not the correct message IMO.

A different way to say what Augie said is to have him work on releasing the ball out in front of his glove rather than above his head as he does now. Again he may find this easier to accomplish by working on the things leading up to release but just the thought of releasing out in front of the glove may be enough to bring the ball down.

we just spent some time working on the tips and we can already see and feel the difference. i look forward to posting the next game video to show his progress.

thank you so much guys.