hey i need help with a nickname for my self because my old one,brazil is getting old. my last name is williams but idk just think of something that u think would b cool

nicknames are cool when they have something to do with you, have some backstory, or someone randomly makes it up for no reason (in real life).

Or we could just call you “stinky” :shock:

No offense, but there was a mitch williams in the 90s who was nicknamed “Wild thing”.

I had a pitcher once that had a 2 and 10 record. Out of every 10 games, he’d get knocked off the mound at least twice from line drives hit right back at him. The guys in the club house gave him the nickname …

Then we had a guy who had a hat that was 1/2 size too large. He use to play center field. Every time he’d go charging after a ball his hat would flip off. We nicknamed him FLIP LID.

We had a first baseman who was almost seven feet tall. We just called him Bob.

Coach B.

[quote=“Coach Baker”]
We had a first baseman who was almost seven feet tall. We just called him Bob.[/quote]

Bob? What’s the deal with that?

i know this because my mod auad coach used to call me that but i didnt like it lol. I NEED A NEW ONE

a nickname is pretty much something somone gives to you. people that make em up for themselves then tell everyone to call em it are kinda lame. friends nickname is thermo cuz of how fast he is so throughout little league parents and players started callin him that. if he had told me to call him that outa blue i probly woulda laughed

Perhaps his name was Ignatio :wink:
Or at nearly 7’ it was like in the movie Stripes…“Call me Francis…I’ll kill ya…”

If you are anywhere near Philly…“Wild Thing” used to get death threats…it’s one of the reasons he quit baseball (He gave up the game winning homer in the WS to Joe…oh come on …he used to be a Cubs announcer…Joe Carter…Sorry to all you Blue Jays fans out there :smiley: )

I say stick with “Stinky”, “Peanut” or “Bubba”…all very well honored southern nicknames…works great if you are from Jersey…

Bob? What’s the deal with that

The guy was one of the most down to earth, likeable people I’ve ever met. His smile just had a nack of getting you to smile back. A real nice fella.

So, every time some one would see him on and off the field … it was just natural to say … Hi Bob, Morning Bob, Nice play Bob. So I guess Bob just kinda seemed like a good thing to call him.