Nick Hellman Video Anaylsis



Nice delivery. A couple of things to get you started:

  1. From the stretch you’re not loading up enough on the back leg before moving forward toward home. So your sideways lunge movement is weak, which kills momentum. This adversely affects your ability to generate enough momentum to release the ball with your head and shoulders out over your stride knee. (Point #2) Try using a modified slide step where you bring the front knee back to the back knee before side lunging toward the target.

  2. Gotta get more momentum from the stretch so that your head and shoulders are farther out over your stride knee. The hardest throwers release the ball with the head and shoulders out over their front knee. Your head and shoulders are behind it.


Agreed. Real nice delivery. I totally agree with #1, even in the windup. Exaggerate loading up on the back leg a little more. He has the explosion, I just think he is having to play catch up with his arm a bit when his lower half gets going a little to fast down the mound.

The only other thing I saw was his glove arm tucking to his chest pretty early in the delivery. I think a little more front arm extension then the cue to drive his chest to the mitt rather than pull the mitt to the chest would get him a little more extended and direct to the plate.

Besides that, enviable mechanics. Strong kid with a good arm.


Good points and totally agree. Very nice foundation to build from here. I hope you’ll put some of these suggestions to work over the course of the summer and then report back on your progress – excited for you.