Next big thing?

He’s definitely a great prospect right now. If I were an MLB organization I’d draft him as a catcher, I mean a really good offensive catcher is a great asset to any team.

Yes it is. Yes it is.

hes to good an athlete and a hitter to put him at catcher. he should move to rightfield or 3rdbase

Just because someone isn’t of the prototypical physique of a catcher doesn’t mean they can’t be successful there. A good catcher is the foundation of a great team, knows how to pitch and can think like a pitcher behind the plate, knows what he’s doing and seems like a real baseball smart guy.

Jorge Posada ain’t looking like a typical catcher either (in my point of view)
He also looks tinier and more athletic then a regular catcher…

But he’s also a good catcher and hit’s fairly well

On of my friends said that this guy is gonna go to the mlb and get injured the first game. Sounds horrible but thats what happens with these kids now.

yes he should go first pick

He already has been chosen by the Nat’s as a first pick draft :wink:
The Nat’s now have Strasburg, Storen and Harper for the future…
Could be a killerteam if they handle this well