Next big thing?

Bryce Harper:

Also tends to be a 96mph pitcher and a pretty decent catcher (what he likes doing more). But focus on the hitting!

Share your thoughts…

This is an interesting kid, he is leaps and bounds above the norm. I would be interested to see what he does with a wood bat as opposed to an aluminum one. An aluminum bat is very forgiving but a wood bat makes you hit the right spots and make adjustments. A lot of bad habits can come from aluminum bats. I think he will do well in college, and though his competition was not that great in high school I still think he can become a good hitter against better pitching. If he learns to make the adjustments needed to become a great hitter in college, he could be drafted as an early pick. He is not a guaranteed thing. There are many guys that can hit the ball far, and even throw fast, but lack the adjustments needed to move up to the next level. He has reached his peak size and coordination at a younger age, but then maturity for high school kids varies tremendously. Being a great player takes a lot of hard work, and it seems he has worked hard to get to this point. Now the mental part of the game starts to come in, where one setback could cripple a player who is not used to failure. It should be interesting to see how he does. He has an advantage in that he has exposure to the media, and baseball teams like to draw a crowd with a player that has exposure.

Yeah… of course he’s not nearly on MLB-level but it is a talent…
Don’t think anyone can disagree at that point?
He’s been at the cover of sports illustrated so yeah… he’s propably quite used to media attention.

One other thing I want your opinions on is the following:
Bryce Harper stopped at college because his future in baseball…
In other words: He CAN be the next big thing BUT if he fails he has nothing.
What are your opinions about leaving college (or whatever) to fully focus on your baseball skills if you’re a top prospect?

There is no doubt that this kid is gifted but there are a few things that worry me. The first being the maturity I don’t care how big he is there is a big difference between 16 and 21. He could very easily get hurt if he tries to block the plate when there is a full grown man sliding in trying to bust threw him. As a pitcher I don’t think he is mature enough to handle the amount of innings he will need to throw. Even though he has the skills I just don’t think you can rush growing up, a 16 year old needs to be a 16 year old. But hey he’s a great player and he probably has more skills than I’ll ever have I just hope he can stay healthy.

I’m going to try to go to a game and watch him play. Southern Nevada plays in the Scenic West Conference and there are a couple of Scenic West Schools just a couple of hours away.

First of all Bryce’s father is a steelworker and we are talking about a ten million dollar paycheck here. Nobody turns down that kinda money. A typical college education at a state university is about $90,000. That leaves 9 million 910 thousand dollars left to pay the bills with. Scott Boras will set him up nicely. A combination sports agent, financial advisor, and lawyer Boras will no doubt be paid handsomely but he will set the Harpers up (and I mean the entire family) for life. It doesn’t matter if Bryce is successful or not. He will be paid long before we find that out.

Harper needs college about as much as he needs a job at the local WalMart. A college education might come later but right now he needs to be living like there is no tomorrow.

And what about the game of baseball. Harper has a chance to do great things for the game. Why wait? Wait for what? Never wait, it is always later than you think.

He has a few options at this point, he left high school early to go to college to go to the draft early. If he has success against community college pitching, he will be evaluated like any other prospect, though he has pretty much peaked at his level. What I mean is he is done growing at 6 ft 3, and has grown into his body, having been 5 ft 10 at age 12 and growing 5 inches in the years after. He is peaked at the growing phase, and since he is at a lower college level attaining his GED, if he fails at baseball he has nothing.

In short he has power and at his size, it is no surprise he has such tremendous power. I would be interested to see how he handles breaking pitches and pitchers that can pitch at a higher level than high school pitching. He has all the potential to be a great player and high draft pick, and I do not necessarily agree with a decision to get a GED. He could have finished high school at college, if he had good grades many have high school diploma programs, and he also could attend college in the future. Though the GED enables him to go back to college in the future, I think he did it to spend as little time as possible at even the college and get into the MLB as early as possible. This isn’t necessarily a poor decision if you have the exposure he has and the size he has to complement it.

I think he works extremely hard to be as good as he is, and his future is up in the air, but he has a very good start. The media love him, and he is touted as the Lebron of baseball. This is a lot of pressure on a player especially if he does not fly through the system as expected. What was once the media supporting you, can also become the media questioning you as well.

I think 2 more years in high school does not teach you new things, and going to college early gives you experience at a higher level. If you will continue college later, then a GED or diploma does not matter. I do not recommend keeping a GED without pursuit of a college degree at some point because it will not give many employment options outside of baseball, and a college degree can enhance your options after baseball.

If I was in his situation I would without any doubt do the same thing he’s doing. I really hope it works out for him

I believe he can hit .430 career, I believe he can hit 800 hrs, Bryce is THAT good.

He’s got a lot of talent but it’s to early to make a prediction like that, what if he gets hurt? He throw’s 96 already what if he ends up a pitcher? And if he ends up catching he probably won’t have a long enough career to hit 800 homeruns. And for the most part catchers aren’t that good of hitters in the pro’s except maybe Joe Mauer.

Well, everyone knows he won’t be a pitcher. Also, Harper can play any position, he is that athletic. And there are lots of good hitting catchers in the pros.

Yes there are some good ones but not 430 BA and 800 Homeruns no one has ever done anything like that.

I wasn’t saying he wasn’t talented but to expect anyone to do that is ridiculous and pretty unrealistic, I guess we can agree to disagree :wink:

We’ll give it a couple of years and I guess we’ll see right?

This just goes to show the kind of pressure he has built up to be good every single game, just imagine how hard it would be to not be able to adjust to a MLB pitch sequence and seeing “Big Flop” on the cover of every sports magazine. He may be used to the adoration, but is not used to the bad side of the media, and nor do I hope him to be. I do not envy him in any way. I would not want my son to be under that kind of pressure even though he thrives on pressure. The media print what sells and if you fail and its gonna sell… look out.

Good luck to a ultra talented kid…he needs to take it to the majors while he is on top.

He’s got a lot of talent but it’s to early to make a prediction like that, what if he gets hurt? He throw’s 96 already what if he ends up a pitcher? And if he ends up catching he probably won’t have a long enough career to hit 800 homeruns. And for the most part catchers aren’t that good of hitters in the pro’s except maybe Joe Mauer.[/quote]

Though I think it’s, for now, a bit unrealistic it isn’t a fact that catchers CAN’T hit that well… Same for pitchers.
Every position has it’s exceptional players and maybe he’s one of them…

Dude, stop it. This is the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

There’s no doubt the kid is an unbelievable talent. But the fact is, is that nobody knows how good he’ll be someday. Will he be a big league all star? maybe… maybe not.

I forgot to add something…

Steven, get this thread somewhere else! This is a pitchers mechanics section!

I want to see what Bryce’s pitching mechanics look like. I know his swing, and I can see why his bat speed is 110mph. I just want to see his 96mph pitching mechanics.

Bryce Harper’s pitching mechanics…

Nice swing, good mechanics. What more could you ask for?