Newer coach

Hey all!

I’ve been coaching baseball for five years now, working with my son as he moves up the ranks. I’m having a blast, I love it, and the parents of the kids seem to think I make it fun and that I have a clue. The kids are happy, and they sign up again every year. 8)

I’m one of those guys who dives in 100% when learning something, and as I progress up the various leagues here, I always challenge myself to learn how to teach a new skill. Last year it was fielding. This year it will be pitching. More in the LL pitching forum, shortly.

Bio…I played baseball through school, loved the game immensely, but wasn’t good enough with a glove to play as much as I wanted. I could hit though…

Oldest son played t-ball, and freaked out the next year when the machine started firing balls at him. He never played again, but has become a gifted musician, so that worked out pretty well. In the meantime, I was a Scout leader as he went through that, and I got plenty of chance to work with middle-school aged boys. What a great age to work with!

Youngest son is now 11, and he’s the athlete in the family.

Welcome aboard!