Newbie Dad looking for some pitching advice/comments/suggestions for my 10 y.o. son


Hello to all,

I have gathered some very good advice and drills to show and work with my son on his pitching. He is a lefty and has been pitching for about a year. I am by know means a baseball coach so I thought I would ask more experienced coaches on his mechanics. From what I see he really stands tall and really does not drive towards home plate.

Any help on new drills, comments on other mechanical issues would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


I’ll let someone with a keener eye than me comment here. Those are some smooth mechanics for a 10 year old! And he fields his position well! I also see you taught him to throw with the correct hand :smile:


His glove foot does not glide. Ug , I used to have a signature to explain this.
Ok. In the wind up the glove knee goes up. THEN the glove foot needs to go down with the glove knee COMPLETEly straight BEFORE the foot can move towards the plate. Again, the foot cannot move towards home plate until the glove knee is completely straight. As the glove foot moves forward, then you can have ball-glove break. You have to do this step by step and it will feel robot like. After a few times then you can put it all together. Also while your doing this, do not have a target, just throw it anywhere or into a wall.


For a 10 year old, he looks pretty solid. For a 10 year old, he has a lot of growing to do.

I am not a youth coach - not even close to it. But, I have seen many youngster come of age as they progress in this game. Those that gravitate to the pitcher’s position seem to do so with a natural ability, want and desire to think things out on their own, play for the pure pleasure of it, make a lot a good friends along the way, and develop a kind of “balance” with priorities.

I would suggest letting the youngster go his own way, for now. Don’t get too involved with the drills, "must do this-n-that, but be there for him all the way with encouragement and support. Ya know what’s really special to a youngster that age and beyond after a game - ICE CREAM ALL AROUND FOR EVERYBODY!.

Your boy looks fine and so will his ability to come around later on as he gets older. I’d say by the time he reaches his 14th birthday - if he’s still interested in this game and pitching, you can find all kinds of support with suggested topics along the top of this web page called ARTICLES. “click” on to that topic, then scroll down to all kinds of useful and informative subjects to help your boy. But for right now, I’d let things stay the way they are.

****** Just be mindful of OVERUSE during his baseball experience while pitching. When he looks tired and he says he’s “had it” listen to him. Pull him from the pitcher’s spot on the field and let him rest that arm. In fact, there are many articles in that section that I referred to earlier about arm care/pitch counts/ days off-rest/ and so on. *********


Thanks guys for the advice, tips. Thanks Plaz, you are correct now that I am focused on the glove foot. Will start him off slow like a robot going through on a step-by-step process.