Newbe checking in

I guess I should let you know who I am. I’ve been coaching Little league baseball for a few years, just helping out, and having a good time with my son. My son is now 12 years old and moving into his second year of majors, and played a little travel ball this summer. He would like to become a better pitcher for his final year of L.L., but he really needs to improve his velocity and a few mechanical flaws in his delivery. He stands about 5’, 1" tall and is slender 85 lbs. For about three months I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about coaching pitchers, and I always come back to this website for it’s great info… This website has really helped me get educated, thanks for a great place to come for advice!

Make sure that your son uses his legs and develops his delivery early in his career. You don’t want him to be throwing all arm and develop a bad habbit of that. You can gain 3-4 mph just by tucking your glove in the wind-up. Teach him pushing off the rubber and having a good stride. Just a few tips that I’ve learned throughout my career.

Good stuff, thanks Nick

One of the best ways to get general mechanical information and flaws is to video tape your son and post the video on this website. And don’t think of it as a dad that is too serious about his kids baseball as a dad concerned with making sure his kid develops good habbits so he stays injuryfree.

I posted in that area a YouTube Video of my son pitching. I’ve asked for some feedback. I’m new to posting so I hope I did the link correctly.

Everything worked good, I commented on the video.