Hey guys,

I’ve always really enjoyed watching baseball and playing it occasionally, but I’ve never been much of an athlete. Now that I’m out in the workforce at a desk job all day (23 years old), I’ve been trying to become more active. I’ve begun playing baseball with my friends weekly and have been pitching a little bit and throwing longer distances than I ever have before. I find that sometimes, I will develop a pain in my dominant arm bicep that will go from slight discomfort to throbbing pain depending on the day or how much/hard I throw. Upon doing some research, I found that it’s a strain or tendonitis that is recurring because of poor mechanics. I’m putting ice on it, resting it and taking advil. The pain is greatly diminished after only a few days. However, I really don’t want this happening again, which leads me to my question.

I know you can’t see me, but are there some specific motions I’m doing or not doing that is causing the strain? I thought my mechanics were decent enough, but obviously I was wrong.

Some facts about me that may help:

I’m left-handed

I go to the gym fairly regularly (couple of times a week, weightlifting mostly) and am in pretty good shape, I’m also very thin (5’10”, 140 lbs)

Not looking to become a pro-pitcher at 23, but I’d like to fix my mechanics so that the pain stops and I can at least play the game properly.

Well, don’t know where the pain could be coming from but of course put some video up, I don’t think that anyone has not looked because someone doesn’t want to be a pro.

Here’s some two-pronged advice. First, get that arm looked at by a sports-medicine physician or an orthopedist to make sure that there’s nothing seriously the matter with it. Then find a good pitching coach, one who knows his elbow from third base, and get to work on basic mechanics. Maybe you won’t become a pro player, but you can certainly become a pretty good pitcher—it’s definitely worth it. 8)

Very sorry to hear about the pain, but its common in the same way shin splints are common for newer runners. It does go away but takes time to buikd up strebgth. I also suggest adding some tricep and scap exercises to your routine, as well as rotator cuff work, like 5 pound weights or tubing. Be patient but aggressive and committed with your workouts and it should go away.