New York Magazine Article

I found this to be an interesting read, not all about pitching but the pressures of youth baseball.

elite level baseball at it’s highest levels is not for the faint of heart. we have played for 8 years. would not trade the experience. the 3 big things it teaches you is:

  1. life is not fair, everyone is not made the same. some guys have that hiher level and some don’t;

  2. it teaches you how to handle failure. you will get beat up from time to time unless you are bryce harper. if you can handle what elite travel ball dishes out (and can afford it) you’re not going to be hit with pressure you can’t handle;

  3. it teaches you hard work. if you learn to work hard at things you love, you’ll be successful. i think it is as important as a college degree (and i’m sincere about this). way too many young folks do not know how to work hard. i mean really hard. you have to want something not everyone will achieve, and there are no guarantees you will be successful.

baseball and ballplayers are great.

I could not believe the amount of money the father estimated he has spent in the last year traveling for games.