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Today was our first Legion Tournament game. I got the start. Went 6 innings, No ERs, 4 hits? 6 or 7 k’s. Got the win, 6-1.

Tell Me What you think, please :smiley:
Ive pretty much corrected the problem of leaning back and collapsing my back leg. Plus im throwing a lot harder. My curve was horrid today, though. Oh well, going to work on it.

I think i just sling the ball with my arm and upperbody in the stretch, rather than getting my lower body to work, also.

All help is appreciated! Thanks



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Nice man, way to go!

you look pretty solid man just make sure your driving hard with that back leg it looks like you can get more out of it and a small thing that you could do if you wanted is make your first step back instead of to the side while in the wind up that way your weight is more in line towards the plate, some people do that and some don’t.

it kind of looks like you’re lacking full arm extension, but my contacts aren’t in so i’m not sure.

If you stop it at the right moment, you’ll see he does get full extension.

Hate to tell you this but you are throwing with all arm. You aren’t rotating the hips/back leg before you hit ground. You rotate them at the same time when you hit ground. If you rotate the back leg so the shoe laces are down before you post up the lag and if you stay closed your velocity will take a big jump becuase you would be throwing with your whole body not just arm.

Things to Work on:

Get the back leg off the heel and get the shoe laces to point down at landing this will get the hips to point at the plate and stay closed with the shoulders, then throw the ball.
These kind of mechanics take lots of practice but it’s the reason you see Scott Kazmir and Roy Oswalt throw so hard because they rotate hips/back leg over before they plant. So then plant theu can rotate the shoulders and arm at high speeds because they have a huge stretch in the torso.