New videos-comments please

I put them in the order that I took them. The reason I took the last one was that I was doing this drill while throwing a softball with my girlfriend and after I wanted to see some throws with a baseball.

I didn’t post the first video I took because it was terrible from a ER standpoint. This one was much better than the first one. I obviously need to drive out further. I was focusing on my arm action, so my legs suffered. I notice that the more I try to drive with my legs, the more tense my arm gets, and the less ER I get. So with that being said, I need to work on keeping my arm loose while working on driving my back leg more. I can stride far when I focus completely on driving my leg, but I have yet to connect my arm action/leg action.

I also notice that my shoulder turn is slower when I focus on my leg action.

In my second video, I noticed that I brought the ball forward a little as my shoulders begin to turn. I will continue to work on my ER with that drill by forcing it to stay back and external rotate with the energy from my shoulder turn.

So in summary I think my focus should be:

-drive hard off the back leg
-keep shoulders/hips closed until forced open
-keep arm loose
-fast shoulder turn while maintaining a loose arm

I think that long toss will be beneficial to helping me connect my lower and upper body. I will post some new video in a week or so. [/b]

What drills are these? They look pretty good and you look like you are improving. What are these drills improving? How do you do them properly?

I don’t know what they are called.

The goal of the first drill is to focus on keeping the arm loose and slinging it. I went from that to my pitching motion to try to get it to translate directly.

The second drill is working on my mechanics from the power L position until the end. The goal of the second drill is to relax the arm and allow it to externally rotate as I try to rotate my shoulders explosively.

I started doing these with the suggestion of Paul Nyman. He suggested that I work backwords through my motion and it appears to be helping.

I need to do more drills like this so I don’t revert back to old mechanics like I have been.

Glad to see you’re still following Nyman’s advice keep it up.

I like the arm position you throw from in “Drill 5” this is completely different from the video “Drill 4” look at :05 seconds thru :07 second of “Drill 4” now relate that to the position you are trying to achieve in “Drill 5” at about :06 seconds, when you throw you aren’t achieving nearly this position. “Drill 4” actually makes you look like a bit of a side arm thrower when the other looks like you are working for a total over the top position. So which is it, others were asking, What are you looking to get from these drills? so same question…comments?

I looking to find my external rotation with these drills.