New video...

Not a very good one and the mechnaics look bad. hopefully i can get one from the mound very soon

From waht i can tell i think i breakmy hands too early and im finishing across my body and not low enough. Something changed over the winter and i dont like it.

I don’t think there’s really any problem with breaking your hands too early. As in, I don’t see how that can be a problem.

not hiding the all well enough? another kid i know who throws the ball a little bit slwoer than me has been dominant this year, and our contorl is around equal, he just hides the ball eally well.
Sorry for the shit spelling, im working n getting used to this mac keyboard

I dunno, I think that can also be related to arm action (deception, that is.) Also, I think there are mechanical issues that can come out of a late hand break, and the possibility of those outweighs whatever benefits you might get from a later hand break.

I see, i guess i will keep it the way it is then. Does anyone else have any insight to it?

It seems like you need to drive down more so that way you finish your pitch

Yes, something I have been working on, its usually better from a mound though. If our game isnt rained out tonight i’ll try to get a vid.

are they that bad?

The one thing i see was you finish with bent knee. As the finish was mentioned earlier. Try and drive through catcher

My dad always preaches this, what exactly does it mean?

Don’t be afraid to give out harsh criticism, i can take it.

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Lets see if this vid works and take a look at it

try this website

of course another tim lincecum thing but forget the beginning and just take a look at his follow through and how he finishes. Theres a good side view vid if you scroll down a bit. Hope it helps a little

Tim Lincecum ruined my mechanics, haha. Atleast thats who i’m blaming it on.

Man, with iMovie and such i can see this and break it down frame by frame very easily and such, but i can do nothing with it since i do not know. Do i do enough with my right arm? i wish this was a windows for a fewreasons because with it combined with some things witht he mac i’d be able to figure out how to post some stuff with my mechanics compared to lincecums

Well im not saying to copy his mechs i was just trying to give an example of a good finish.

[quote=“McCovey Cove”]Well im not saying to copy his mechs i was just trying to give an example of a good finish.[/quote] yes i know, but then i find myself emulating his mechanicstoo much, because i really have no idae what to do.

would i get more advice on my mechanics if i like, posten an in-game video or something?

Do you have a front or back view? I’d like to see your arm slot. From these side views, it looks at though your elbow may not be getting to level with the shoulders at release.