new video

here is a new video where i am throwing with more intensity the last video i posted i wasn’t really throwing, so if u guys can help me fix some stuff that would be great so thanks a lot

You need more momentum and to get out over the front foot more. Start your hips forward sooner. That will probably reduce or eliminate the falling off to the side.

am i using my legs more and how can i gain more momentum forward

When you lift your leg up forward while lifting the leg so it peek leg height is half way through the motion.

the only reason why you’re fallin off to the side is cuz ur not fully allowing your right leg to roll over in the follow through

You currently don’t start moving forward until your knee is on its way back down. Push your hips sideways and start moving toward home plate a tiny bit before your knee peaks. And don’t shorten your knee lift.

am i using me legs more??

Don’t know if you’re using them more but I think you’re not using them enough. Starting the hips forward sooner and faster without sacrificing your knee lift will force the stride leg to be quicker from knee lift to foot plant. All of this will cause the lower half to generate more momentum and energy.