New video

im aware my bacvk leg collapses - it’s cause that feild is terrible and is uphill for some reason :S

leg doesnt collapse like that

Side View

Rear View

and no one would catch for me cause theyre all ‘dont wana get hurt’ :expressionless:

what you guys think?

might be just me but it looks to me like you lose balance at your release point

its probably from the leg collapsing… it could make it look like i lose balance

how hard do you throw and how old are you i forgot?

i turned 15 in june

dont really know cause ive never been gunned

but coach says its somewhere between the high 60’s and low 70’s

since im rebuilding my motion what aspects of my current delivery should i incorporate into the new one?

He Pheen if you are going to really change some things you need to get a delivery you can repeat time and time again.

You want your delivery to get alot of momentum.
Get the Hips going as soon as you start leg lift.
You want to have control of your pitches IN and OUT.

Nice post RIstar

ty bower this is something I used to Remake my mechanics.