New Video

Here is my newest video.

My two things that I see are from the back view:

-first would be the ‘hitch’ in my arm action. I don’t believe this is an issue though, at least an issue worth trying to worry about right now, since it isn’t affecting my mechanics a whole lot

-my stride isn’t straight, but that is a relatively easy fix. Just need to pick a point straight down the mound and make sure I step towards it.

As it relates to my focuses I have been well focusing on. They are as follows:

-tall-keeping my posture up more. I believe I have improved that
-back- stay back longer. Mainly relating to my shoulder level and angle at footplant
-Separation-Something I believe that I will always need to work on, but I believe it looks better in this video than past ones.

Let me know if you all see something else that I didn’t mentioned or would like to elaborate on what I mentioned.

Thank you in advance!

I watched some old videos from last year around this time and wow does my upper body action look different. My leg mechanics are similar, but my upper body has made some drastic changes over the course of a year.

Here’s the video from last Feb that I viewed.