New video

Positives I see:

-good ER
-good leg drive
-generally good mechanics(more going right than wrong)
-speed of delivery

negatives I see:
-‘w’ thing, which is causing a hitch
-opening early(I think)

I think my focuses need to be to continue to work on my glove action, which I think will correct both arms and prevent the ‘w’. I think that by working on this it may also help my separation and position at foot-plant.

I’m also going to try to make my arm action longer. What I mean by that is have to hands further away from my body as the swing through their ‘action.’

Let me know if you guys see anything in addition to what I mentioned above or if you see something that I didn’t mention.

I look forward to hearing more feedback, thanks!

What is the latest velo?

I haven’t had access to the gun since I’m on my own for throwing work, so your guess is as good as mine.

Okay. it def. looks like you are making improvements.


jimster, nice work. based on what i see here, much improved lower half! still looks like you’re tucking that glove to your chest early, which could be hurting trunk rotation/velocity. but i see some big improvements, keep it up!

Agree with Phil. Your GS looks a bit short. Holding the GS out a bit longer could stop the early rotation.

If you could aggressively pull your glove, you may really have something.

I expanded the vid, and paused it like a million times - It definitely looks like you have isolated (then ‘corrected’) many small things that you thought you were doing ‘wrong’. Keep it up. Ex Rot. being one of them.

Jimster, you have definitely improved in your arm action and upper body mechanics, and the lower body looks good as well. The only thing I see is that once your front foot hits everything goes linear. You get in a good position to rotate at foot plant, but you must rotate around the front hip joint violently! I believe this is one of the biggest keys to your improvement. Good Luck!

Thanks for all the positive feedback!

I agree with all the comments I have been reading. I think my biggest focus should be my glove action work.

Once I get that ironed out, my ‘inverted w,’ which I believe is causing a tiny hitch will go away. I can do it when i isolate my arm action, but when I do it full speed it comes back.

I believe everything I need to improve on is kind of hinged on working on my glove side arm action. I think that if I improve that it will help me stayed closed a little longer and make my arm action continuous.

With all that being said, I’m really happy with how my mech’s appeared at full go, I believe that if the season started tomorrow I could be throwing pretty successfully.

Once I get the glove action ironed out I will focus on more full speed throwing from the stretch and windup.

Over break I’m going to start doing mound work since I will have a mound available to me on a consistent basis

Does anyone have any drills that can isolate the glove arm action?

So far all I have been doing is going slow with it and adding more intensity, while video taping along the way.

Also, does anyone have any guess on velocity based on my mech’s? I know it’s hard to say, but I was just curious to what you all think.

I would say faster than I was clocked during the fall season, which was max 80mph. I was also clocked at 82 mph during high schools tryouts in the early spring.

Both of those speeds were with mechanics similar to my ‘end of travel season’ mechanics.

If I had to guess my speed I would say it would be in the 82-84 mph range. I will like these mechanics are better than my spring/summer mechanics and would produce more velocity. Especially since I have a better leg drive and external rotation.

Also, I can use the ‘release point, end point’ time to guesstimate it because I wasn’t throwing full distance.

Thanks for the feedback, if anyone sees anything else and would like to comment on it, please do. I love reading your guy’s comments good or bad!

Looking better jimster, hopefully it all translates on the mound during games