New Video

Made a new pitching video, so I have a baseline video to work with in this upcoming month. I believe my leg action looks good. My arm action isn’t where it need to be.

I think that I start moving forward earlier in my motion. I also think that my overall motion looks good. I can always get out further and have more separation, but I think most everything looks better than I thought it would.

The line you see on the video is about 6 and half feet from my back foot, so my guess is that I’m getting at or above 6ft on every throw.

I believe I can also have more intent.

Below my pitching video I will post a video of a drill I did. I used a 5 lb med ball, but I will be using a 2lb one I just got, so that I can better handle it. That 5lb balls is a little to heavy and big to throw.

Let me know what you think.

I would rate myself a 5.5-6 out of 10 for those throws.

Here’s one of the drills I did today. I was actually getting pretty good ER on this throw. I plan on doing this drill along with others, but with a 2lb ball, so I can grip and throw it better.

Thanks in advance!


At your age and where you are in your career, I personally think you’re fighting an uphill battle in hopes of changing arm action. Should there be daily focus on it working more efficiently, heck yeah. However, I would think more in terms of creating more momentum, tempo and breaking out of the glove at a higher speed.

If you can learn to accelerate the center mass (top of thigh to belly button) the arm will be forced to move faster and take a more effecient path to keep up. Peer Pressure.

Focus on the body making internal changes to accomodate the goal or intent. If the hips move faster, the arm is forced to move faster. Basically, give the body a goal and allow it to make changes to place itself in a better position to accomplish it. The body/brain is the best pitching coach you will ever have!

Thanks for the feedback. That makes sense and I agree it should be my focus.