New video - pitching mechanics

I’m trying to get ready for my metro team’s tryouts, can anybody see anything I need to fix?

Side view

Back view

now this has nothing to do with your motion but the batting glove has to go, makes you look silly when u have a batting glove on when you’re pitching. Other then that, motion looks pretty good…

Not a critique but do you always throw from the stretch?
I thought your mechanics look overall very smooth and controlled! How fast you throwin’? Looked pretty fast.

The batting glove was only because it was so cold - I would never wear one in a game.
I haven’t been gunned recently - this is probably mid 70s. I currently pitch just from the stretch because these mechanics are new to me. Once im comfortable with them I will make the easy transition to the windup.

guys, I really need some help…I don’t want to have to go to a different online forum to get some feedback! :lol:

I don’t know about the others on here but I like what I see. Keep up the good work. Maybe work a bit on the intent to throw hard by rotating hard. Not a lot to say.

What exactly do you feel that you need to work on?

There are a couple minor issues, one of which is inconsistency. Hard to pinpoint one thing to work on if you’re not repeating it. Is it a one time issue, or does it keep sneaking in?

I noticed a couple of times you seem to over-rotate and end up facing third base. This may be from your glove hand ending up on your right hip instead of up toward the shoulder (indicating that you may be swinging your arm toward the glove side) and you may want to work on bringing that glove hand straight into the shoulder, but I don’t think you have a lot of reason to mess around with what you’ve got until you are throwing for your coach.

My advice is to get Tuff Cuff and do those workouts, and throw with someone who knows your game, or even better, your coach(s). Stay loose, stay hungry, and get good grades!

The Hose

I like them alot.

I like them alot.