New video of mechanics....Junior searching for college home

Comments solicited…won’t be offended…


mechanics look ok to me. what are your stats from last year. innings pitched, walks, strike outs, era. typical mph for fb, change, breaking pitch.

looks to me like you could see quick results from an aggressive strength and weight gain program

spencer…how do you do that???

Dino…you look ok to me whats your mph??

Dusty / Spencer / New Star Prospect


I don’t have accurate stats on him from last year…he pitched in high school as a sophmore starting about every other game…pitched a little in Legion and threw in a Florida tournament and a perfectgame showcase…We’re hoping to collect accurate stats this spring for his junior year…and create a video CD…His mechanics have changed since last year with improved arm action. He filled a little into his tall frame also. Started weight lifting this winter taking ten weeks off from throwing but played basketball and that kept his weight down… 6’6" -6’7" -185

The last gun I have on him was fall 2007 FB:84 , Breaking Ball: 72 and Change 70.

Spencer thanks for the video clip posting.


Holy crap


From this angle, his elbow looks a little low at the high-cocked position.

Man I’m 6’8" 220lbs and that’s still considered light…

with that kind of size and already mid-80s, he’ll have to prove he can’t pitch. might consider some speed ladder and speed drills for coordination. he gains size strength and coordination and you have a bona-fide prospect. i would definitely put him on my must see list.

Man we have some tall people here

6 foot 7 with good mechanics…he has to be pushing 87-88 this year as a Junior in high school?

Don’t spend your signing bonus money all in one place. College or minors will likely be the question if he continues to translate it on the field. Heck even if he doesn’t he will be looked at. Tremendous size with the ability to fill out yet and good mechanics

another pa pitcher…where from scranton area or south?


He (Dino?) doesn’t get out over his front leg enough due to two things:

(1) glove arm drops too soon - prior to front foot plant
(2) doesn’t start forward until after peak of knee lift

Get him to start the hips forward prior to peak of knee lift and get him to make sure glove is still up in front at front foot plant. These will give him the momentum and timing to get out over the front leg better and might give him a mph or two. Will also get his release point closer to home plate thereby increasing his perceived velocity.

Hello, your mechanics look great! Your going far!! I’m not sure if your glove hand ( not extending forward toward the catcher ) is going to, or is playing with the timing of your mechanics. But as they say–IF IT’S NOT BROKEN, DON’T FIX IT!!! I’M A FAN, GOOD LUCK!!!

Looks good. If anything I would agree with Mr. O’Leary about his elbow position. It does look a little low. Seems flawless other than that.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to post a reply. I appreciate the tips on the glove arm position, momentum, hips and getting out over the front leg. Thanks for the encouragement also…

I’m looking forward to posting a video next year about this time and seeing your responses. I hope by then to have a college commitment maybe somewhere south of the snowbelt.

Until then, its great to watch the big DI schools like Auburn, Florida, UCLA and USC playing baseball in the sunshine…


You forgot about Arizona State. :chair:

Actually, if you can get to watch USC play, I would recommend doing so. Tom House is now the head pitching coach at USC and it will be interesting to see what their pitchers’ mechanics look like after just the first season working with House.