New video of 20 years old LHP on game


My videos before were about my pitching bullpen
But this was on game today
I came with bases loaded and 1 out and i pitch for two flyouts
Then in the next inning, i received 1 hit and one flyball and a grondout and a texas league hit.
Then they took me out of the game.

This is my first time with my new mechanics, i’m trying to coordinate them but i cant make it faster at this time. I guess i need some practice and weekday training. I see myself slow.

This is the video:


Think you’re doing better with early momentum. Your upper half will eventually catch up with your lower half. Keep going In the direction you’re going. In the end your arm speed will be much improved.


But i see a diference between my bullpen session and the game, When im on bullpen my follow trough is good but on the game my follow trough is not as good.


You’re probably not letting it go with confidence (aiming it). Confidence can only come by having bullpens often and with a person standing in the batters box as much as possible. Keep it up, I see a LOT of improvement


Thank you. Now i’ll be looking what to do with my glove side.
I’ll keep working hard


Do those two holes - in front of the rubber and the one that your stride foot lands in, bother you at all, distract you, have you holding back a bit, keep you upright and not following through with your finish after your release?


The mound was kind of soft because it rained before the game and my cleats were full of mud, but i guess i was aiming the pitches, maybe because im not fully familiarized with my new mechanics. I’m still flying open but the momentum is getting better.


Stick with it and keep working hard. I’d be very surprised if you made tremendous gains in only a few days. Progress is a marathon and not a sprint. Keep working & and you’ll see gains over time.


Thank you, man
My current goal is to be a starter or a reliable pitcher for my university regional tournament on March 2018
Currently im on the team but im the guy who pitch when the team is too up or too low in the score and i want to be an important part of my team and help them.


I served that role for 2 years before retiring of my league when I was your age because my job wouldn’t allow me to be reliable enough to be a starter and I know that’s frustrating sometimes. Personally I was keeping every possible stats and was pitching more for me than for the team. Trying to keep everything at 0.00.
How do you see it?


That’s sounds like a good idea. I don’t get nervous and i’m calm on the mound. Last tournament my team was trailing 7 runs and my skip gave me the ball, then a pitched 3 scoreless innings while my team scored 5 runs and i think i give them hope. You know im the guy who doesnt throw hard, weird mechanics but who doesnt have command but control and a heavy sinker and get the outs. But i want to make the jump from being that guy to a reliable and good pitcher


Yesterday I pitched again it was not as good as the saturday
I pitched 1 inning i gave up a homerun 2 walks 1 hbp and 3 groundballs.
I missed the zone and the homer was hit in high and away zone


Just out of curiosity what level of ball are you playing now? Assume it’s some sort of summer league but I’ve assumed most all have concluded for the season. You’re trying to make some major adjustments; in season really isn’t the ideal time to do so. Are you coming up on a break soon?


Im playing semi pro ball. Unfortunately, the seasons is just starting.


That is a tough situation. You’re trying to train your body to move differently. Would be better I would think to work on it in the offseason. Making changes is bound to change your timing. Sounds like you’ve had success doing it they way you’ve done in the past. One thing is for sure; can’t be thinking about mechanics on game day.


I think i’ll stick to throw for control instead of looking for more speed or break. Last time i was trying to throw as hard as i could. Bad idea. I was wild.


I think you have more there. Timing of change isn’t ideal during season. Best wishes during your season! How long does it last & what kind of break do you have coming up?


The season ends on December, then the playoffs. I’ll be posting my pitching outings


Mechanics arent bad, your external rotation is.


What do you mean with external rotation?