New video of 11 year old looking for tips

Ok I got some new video of my son throwing a few pitches. The last 2 games he has only walked 4 batters total, a huge improvement! We got him to look at the target thru delivery and made a slight change to his grip. Since then his control has improved alot. If you see anything else we need to adjust let me know. Thanks

slo motion

full speed

I suggest having him set up with his feet closer together - about armpit width. This should eliminate the weight shift towards 2B as he goes into knee lift. That weight shift can affect control simply by introducing extra unnecessary movement. It can also give baserunners a jump since they’ll take off as soon as they see the shift.

Thanks for the quick reply. He wants to play travel ball as soon as LL all stars is done, someone else warned us about his feet and the trouble it will cause when kids are allowed to lead off. We have about 2 weeks between seasons, would you wait to make the adjustment or have him start now?

I love your boys stride. He seems to lose balance and fall off to first base on his finish.

I’d let him finish all-stars and then get to work on the adjustment.

Finish what he is doing now and then make the adjustments, I totally agree with the first adjustment would be getting him to start with his feet closer with the ability to throw to bases.

Thanks everyone I will hold off messing with him until all-stars are over.
When it is game time he falls off to the first base side almost every pitch. I just assumed it was due to the fact that he seems to throw harder during a game and the follow thru just carries him off to that side. Other then the fielding issue this could cause, does it effect a pitch location?

Falling off to first can mean so many things, I would work on the things we have talked about then re-evaluate the situation. He might get more balance and hip drive which could get rid of the falling off issue too.

Sounds good, I will just let it go for a few weeks then work the feet. Thanks again