New Video (I think I'm finally staying closed!)

Anyone see anything wrong?

I know I’m not an expert, but It looks like you’re over striding a bit and it makes your motion not as fluent. My opinion, but other than that, it looks pretty good.

ya your stride is to long and your not getting any direct force to target. also from what i saw last time the mechs are different, some people copy lincecum and that looks alot like david price. but on landing your offbalance and look to have no control over muscle groups in body. when you land it looks like you bodys fighting your front foot to get over. you can see it after the throw, how your body just falls back to first(not falling over to first which alota pitchers do) its almost like a big gust of wind is hitting you and slowing everything down

I was watching my vid and I noticed that I’m sitting to much into landing and to fix the hitch in my arm action I need to break my hands later.

Your stride being very long creates arm drag also, which can be drastic on the speed of your pitches. If you shorten up, you could gain who knows, maybe 5 mph.

Also, break your hands down, not just pull the ball out of the glove. I think it makes your motion more fluent.

i couldnt agree with BlackSox25 anymore


I agree you appear to be staying closed longer and rotating the shoulders later than before (if I recall correcly what you looked like previously).

I only took a quick look but I don’t think you have an issue with your stride length. You appear to get out over the front leg and release in front of your front foot. That’s what staying closed and rotating late will do for you. Nice job.

Thanks Roger that means alot coming from you. Have a great week. :smiley:

Kaz try setting up with some bend in your knees because your head drops in the beginning of your motion. keep your head on a straight line to home plate so you can throw more strikes with less chance of an arm injury.

By the way, the key to your staying closed (in addition to things like maintaining good posture and balance) is your glove arm. In your video (especially the first and third pitches), notice how your glove is still up in front at foot plant. That allows the shoulders to delay rotation.

i dont post much on mechanics because i dont know much but it looks like to me you need to get alot more explosive. you are trying to get a long stride but are landing on to much of a bent knee. also you pitch on a mound in a game why post your mechanics on flat ground. big difference there.

try pitching on a real mound

my dad’s building me a mound the week after labor day.

By the way, I noticed in your personal log that somone commented about staying back over the back leg too long before starting forward. The sooner you get going, the easier it is to make sure your glove arm is up in front at foot plant. So, hopefully, you can start to see how early momentum fits together with staying closed and good timing and late rotation and lots of good things.

thanks again roger. when i try to get going toward earlier i don’t feel comfortable and my leg kick is nowhere near as high as it was mayeb i should work on this when I get my mound. but thanks again.

Stick with it - it takes time. And it takes more strength… more leg strength to plant and brace after striding further/faster and more core strength to stabilize the torso while moving faster. My suggestion is to make small, incremental adjustments instead of one big adjustment. Make one small adjustment and stick with it until it becomes comfortable. Then do it again.

The only thing i can see is that you are right handed :stuck_out_tongue:

i personally think your arm action needs some work. most notably, you wrap the ball behind your back leg. also, you get very little hinge and i think that you get the ball up into the high cocked position a little too early. i think you need to let your elbow pick the ball up a little. i’m not saying get it up into an inverted w, l, v, whatever chris o’leary wants to call it today, but there needs to be some element of scapular loading, preferably on a more horizontal plane. i don’t see any really and that is costing you some velocity in my humble opinion.