New video-Comments Please

I’d like to here some comments about anything you may see.

I’d like to see myself be closed longer, preferably after full footplant. And my back foot full extended at the point as well.

I look forward to seeing what you all see!

Here are some other throws I did earlier in this session.

comments por favor!

The mechanics look pretty good. I do agree you could stay closed off a bit longer.
I like the arm action, especially the ext. rotation.
I would like to see a stronger front side. Your stride knee seems to collapse a bit at foot strike. Pretty minor, but just my opinion.
From a few months ago, very nice improvements.

I’m with Turn on this jimster.

I think the knee will firm up better once you’re not dealing with whatever issue you’re battling with your knees.

You’ve come a long way.

Thanks for the comments!

latest video, I think I show better separation here. I think the key for me now is to get these mechanics to be repeatable consistently