New Video- 13u Pitcher

What should we be working on the remaining of off-season?

This first video is with a 7oz ball

Second video is with a 10oz ball

I don’t know what you are looking for but I see a difference in how your hands break when you have the weighted ball vs the ball that is less heavy, looks like your drop is shorter and therefore not getting to the power position at the same time…like to see you with a normal ball also. I am admittedly not a fan of weighted balls because it seems to change mechanics…but I am sure I can be convinced otherwise if someone gives me good ideas and suggestions about how to use them effectively.

I was looking for mechanical flaws that can be easily seen, obv him breaking his hands at different times would be one.

Much appreciated. Anything else?

I’ll try to post something of him pitching a standard baseball after we do a bullpen on saturday, as i have not filmed him in that setting in a while.

Would also be better if you could shoot the video when its brighter, it’s very hard to see his technique well in these videos.

If you are working on throwing a heavier ball to simply do so you are doing just that. If you are working to strengthen the arm, you are doing so with a slow arm. If you are working on reacting to fielding a quickly hit 10 oz ball right back at you, you are doing a good job of it :slight_smile:
The method in which you going about this will bring little carry over if you are looking for quick strength, or velo.

When you throw a weighted ball, do so into a net or to a partner. The later being the preference. Throwing against a wall and finishing in a manner in which you can retrieve it you are slowing up somewhere to do that. It happens somewhere…if it is while cutting it loose, what are truly the gains in what you are doing? your better off throwing a regular ball and trying to do so at a faster rate. If you throw 75, try to throw 76, when you hit 76, go for 77, and so on. But back to my point, to field the ball you are slowing down and finish with a bit too much control which is messing with your 'intent". Throw into a net. Have someone throw it back to you or pick it up yourself.

Keep working hard and best of luck.

That is an excellent point about slowing yourself down to field. I never even thought of it like that.
This particular time I taped was with his pitching coach. He does an overload/underload program. Frankly, I think it has worked pretty well in strenghtening his arm. Maybe these are better short term positives than long term, I am not sure… I guess I need to do more research on it.
I will bring up the things you said to him, especially the slowing yourself down to field con.

I agree also about pushing yourself and having measurements to build on. Unfortunately, I do not have a gun and he has not been clocked in a while. But, it is something I want to do.

@buwhite I did notice that the lighting was not very bright, and will try to pay more attention to that on Saturday when I film him again.

Sorry, but I’m a bit confused. In the videos is he working on pfp or throwing a bullpen? In my humble opinion, the two should be separate.

Here is the new video I promised to share w throwing a baseball.
I wanted to make a video from the mound and a video with multiple angles but when we got to the park the field was occupied and I didnt want to wait any longer to put anything up.
This is probably not the most optimal way to go about getting advice, but hopefully it is good enough.

Things I see here is that in the second pitch it looks like what is supposed to be is 4-seam is cutting. Why would that be?
Also, do you guys feel like he might drift a little bit?
Also, he has always had a little bit of problem with his glove side, do you think it is unstable?

The location of both pitches i supposed to be a 2 strike high and inside pitch to a lefty, as you can probably see by his friend standing up to catch it.