New Video (10yo)

I’ve been playing around with my video editing software and made this side-by-side to help my boy see how he does from pitch-to-pitch. Mechanically speaking - which side do you like better? I know it’s kind of hard to see both sides perfectly, if you have recommendations I would be glad to hear them.

Overall, I like the left side better. If you stop the video right at foot plant, you can see that in the right side his shoulders appear to have started to rotate and his upper half is getting out over the front leg. Not much hip and shoulder rotation and, in fact, shoulders rotating with the hips - a sequencing problem.

In the left side at foot plant, shoulders are completely closed off still and upper half is not yet getting out over the front leg. Better hip and shoulder rotation with shoulders rotating after hips.

Now, look at his arm positioning at or right before foot plant. In the right side, his glove arm is bent more. In the left side, he’s not quite at equal and opposite but he’s closer. Getting the glove side to equal and opposite as close to foot plant as possible is the key.

I’m with you in that the left side looks more mechanically correct - however I like the right side in how he accelerates his upper body after foot plant to get some good velocity on the ball. i just need to marry the two and I think we will be looking pretty good. Agree or disagree with any of that?

In the right side, your son’s head and shoulders are a bit too forward at foot plant, IMHO. And I would think that could rob him of some velocity.

No - i agree with you. He is too far forward at foot plant (on both sides - but more so on the right). I was trying to say that if he can keep his upper body back and closed until foot plant and THEN accelerate his upper body like he does in the right side - that would be the best of both sides.