New vid

side view and back view.
Notice from the side view, the first few are with my foot pointing to 1b.
then a few later its a little less. i cant see the difference myself though in my mechanics :?

a friend said i am quiet consistent with these mechanics.

Ok well, my mechanics are slower when i get my foot more pointed to home.

btw any guesses on my velo on the backside vieuw?
i know it isnt alot. not even close to 75-80. but hey i wanna improve, be the best i can be :wink:

higher kick and your glove hand higher

Coach Baker often points out the importance of pitching from a solid base…stop and get the mound into good shape before you throw, then when you do, take the time to make a game type delivery, this looks like you are in a hurry to get in a few throws…I don’t feel it really represents the delivery you’d make in a game situation. I think if you had some decent “on the ground” coaching that you could certainly improve on this delivery, you are very linear and something about your arm-path bothers me…can’t get a finger on it…maybe not path…maybe more like it doesn’t seem efficient. I’d also recommend that, if you want to throw faster, get stronger in your core.
Mostly I’d just like for you to go back to the pen and do the things I mentioned so we can really see what you have. Keep working and help us out…we may be able to get you a bit better.

Its hard to tell from the angle you have the camera at but it looks like your front leg is very open. its not inline with your back foot at all, and seems to drift towards first base side. This will definetly take away some energy.

Hmm I know about my front leg. The biggest problem is HOW to fixit.

Btw i lean back alot? My arm goes up alot and down while throwing because of it. This might hurt my control? Maybe even my shoulder, since ive had problems with my shoulder before?

Hey guys

I was wondering if someone could make a guess on my velo. I know its hard, especially from the backview that has been taken.
Decided not to work to much on my mechanics while the season is still going.
Last game I played went pretty awesome 6k’s over 4 innings only 1 guy made a decent hit. Control was awesome , I did adjust my glove side a bit. but not going for major changes right now.

Have a month off now, summer vacations suck! So decided to get my ass in the gym more.

So I wonder how fast I’m trowing ±. coach says around 65. Dont care much about speed. If I’d be throwing 80 or above I wouldnt be playing here. I just wanna improve so badly. wanna be the best I can be. I’ve been talking to another coach from a team in our league he said i could easily hit around high 70’s to mid 80’s If I would do more workouts, gain more weight, get a decent pitch coach etc(wich is damn hard to find here in holland :P)

My suggestion is concerning your pivot foot.

From the view that I have, your lifting your heel of your pivot foot way too early, thus, your forward momentum is being directed off to your glove side … and in in turn … your balance system is cutting short the reach that you should be enjoying … with all that athletic ability that I see.

Use your natural strength and aggressiveness buy concentrating on collapsing on your instep, instead of pushing off with your toe. If your not deliberately pushing off the toe of the pivot foot - it looks like it in the video.

So, try my suggestion slowing - like with a few dry runs in practice, then kick it up a notch, a little at a time to get use to it. You’ll find that your delivery motion will be a lot smoother, your forward progress will have a lot more stability to it, and your control down range at the plate will be better.

I used these two pictures from another post a while back, but it does offer a good example of what I’m talking about. See how in the first picture how this pitcher’s heel of the pivot foot is up - thus causing his stride foot to point away slightly from his target. ( other things are happening here, but the example does serve my suggestion to you.) Thus, continuing this pitcher’s momemtum to his glove side, excessively.

Coach B.

That actually makes sense! It would"block" me from opening up to soon. I’ll give it a go as soon as practice starts again! Seriously can’t wait to get started. I’m sure its gonna take a while but i don’t think its a major change in mechanics right? Actually typing this one handed while holding a baseball a baseball haha. First game will be against the #1! Ill get my camera with me and post it around 22 aug or so. Thanks for the advice!

No, it is not a major change in mechanics. In fact, this IS one of the major posture issues that all pitchers address.

You’ll also notice a smoother more confident “flow” forward, as the upper part of your body takes advantage of all your weight moving towards your target.

Last item, … pick a targetON the catcher. If your catcher is holding his mitt stable and in one position, thats the target that you should concentrate on. If your catcher has a habit of not showing his mitt, flipping it or keeping it closed and tugging on it prior to your pitch, or something similar, target his mask, his right or left shoulder. Pitching to an abstract “thing” is not helpful. Also, when you start to concentrate on a specific location, you force your posture to “do it right”.

Practice these suggestions often. It’s the only way to perfect this craft. Takes time, but once you’re locked in and doing things right, it’ll become second nature to you.

Best wishes with your game.

Coach B.