New vid after 3 weeks of practice!



Obviously the giants cap! :stuck_out_tongue:



no one?

i doubts its anywhere near good lol


Based on what I see happening with your posture and the direction of your stride, you look to me like you should start on the 1B side of the rubber. But that little portable mound appears to have you centered on the rubber. Is that your normal starting position? If not, could you move the mound left or right to match your normal starting position?


Yea Roger it is centered. U want me to stay on the left side of the mound and use that as the “middle” of the mound?

Im not sure I see what you are trying to accomplish with that?
Could you explain ?



In the very first pitch of your first video, this is what jumped out at me…

You stride and plant your front foot to your throwing arm side, your front foot is opened up to point to your glove side, your front lower leg is tilted to your glove side, and your upper half leans to your glove side.

So, imagine a line running from the center of the rubber to the center of home plate (the white line on the court in your videos). You start on the centerline and stride away from it to the throwing arm side. Then your body has to “turn the corner” to square up to and get everything going back to the target. To help, you shift your posture (tilt your torso). Late posture shifts misdirects energy because some of your body weight ends up going in a slightly different direction than your arm is trying to throw. It also pulls your release point back.

Now imagine starting on the glove side of the rubber and striding towards the centerline. In this case, the “corner” you have to turn to get squared up will be smaller. This should reduce or eliminate the late posture shift which, in turn, should direct all of your energy going in the same direction. And it should let your release point move forward.


Ill give it a try Roger, thanks!

Got practice in 2 hours or so.
Ill upload a new video when im back home:)!


9min then its up


Hershire drill might help u


Yea im doing those at home. like twice a week sets of 15 x 3.

Any other ideas? I know i need to get my elbow up higher it seems.

get more lower half involvement en pulling my core down harder?