New update on my son

Many of you will remember that my son struggled with his control for most of his JV season. At the start of the season he was issued a Varsity uniform just in case they needed him. The call never came because although he did not get hit, he was pretty wild. Our JV season came to an end, and we thought so did his season.

However, last week his coach asked him to come to varsity bp and throw some. He did, and dominated them - walking not one! Well, the coach asked him to come to the final two varsity games. My son pitched the last inning tonight against the best hitting squad in our city. This team has 25 homers as a team and is stacked from top to bottom. Anyway, my son was great again. Did walk one, but struck the other three out.

Thanks for all of your help - much of what I learned on here made him better. My son learned a very valuable lesson - everyone will go through adversity - how one handles it will determine what kind of person he/she will become. Really looking forward to his Junior year - should be fun.

That’s great!!! Congratulations.