New to this site thing: /

Sup guys/gals…

My name is Cody and i live in a little po-dunk town called Willow Springs in Southern Missouri… I have been playing baseball all my life… When i was 12 Years old i went to the Little League WS… That was when i lived in Seattle… I moved to MO. When i was 14 and baseball is kinda thin here… I still work my butt off everyday to get better but its kinda hard when there is very little interst in baseball… I am Now 16 and a sophmore in Highschool… Last year i was the only Freshman to Letter and Pitch in a few games… IDK what else to say… my friend told me to make this thing and said it would help if i had questions… lol

Thats tight bout the little world series. Our town made it regionals the year u went i think cuz most of the kids on that team are sophomores now. But Welcome this site will help ya out

wtf! im 16 and im a senior…

Welcome, and that’s awesome you got to be in the LLWS, but how are you a 16-year-old sophmore? 15 I might understand, but what happened?

I am just kinda old for one… i turned 16 not 2 long ago: /

I’m a 16 year old sophomore noting weird 'bout it

Hmm, well alright just all the 16-year-olds I know are Jr/Sr. Not anymore I guess lol.

lol well nice to meet ya… im u 16 yr old soph more friend now… lol that sounds weird: /

lol. I was really talkin bout Kaz here but welcome to the site here hope ya like it.

Its kindof weird I started school a year late (don’t know why) and the school I was going to had 2 years of 1st grade (no idea why) so I finished the first year then moved to my current location and I had to repeat 1st again because my old school’s record wasn’t “pliable”. Another weird thing there is a 12 years old girl in my grade, she’s super smart, so smart I copy her homework (JK or am I :twisted: )

Haha i like the last post!!! I would freakin cheat off of a 12 year old if she was like freakin smart!!!