New to the hill

I posted here a while looking for a new pitch to throw because i had just started pitching

basically the story is our first game of the season we went down a quick 8-0 in the first inning. I’d never pitched before at the time, my coach calls me in from centerfield and says “You know how to pitch? right?”, i say “i can figure it out.”

I end up throwing 5 shutout innings with 6 Ks and 14 first pitch strikes throwing strictly a maybe 70 MPH fastball at best

I figured my coach would pitch me more, but due to our lack in outfield depth, i havn’t.

Yesterday before our game, coach asked if i was availiable tp pitch, now we were playing the best team in the area, so i knew he wouldn’t put me in, but i know now that he plans to next monday. So i have the spring break to learn some new pitches.

Everyone told me to throw a changeup in my last topic, but i’ve never been able to control it. I just can’t. I’ve learned to throw a decent slider but i can only throw it well and on target maybe 50% percent of the time…

So i need to know a good pitch or 2 to add to my fastball. I would like to hold onto that slider and develop it but i’ve never really learned how to throw it. So if anyone knows a good slider grip that would be perfect.

Basically i just need some good advice on some new pitches to throw. I’m 15 and throw at the freshman high school level(but i do get some time att JV and Varsity). Thanks

not to be rude or anything but you won’t throw a real slider unless you can throw 85mph+. the reason is that you probably dont have the strenght needed to put the proper spin for a slider a slider needs to spin ridicoulously fast. what you throw is probably some kind of curveball. which isn’t bad at all. maybe you could try working on throwing from different angles. sidearm to overhand so that you get mouvement and confusion from the hitter. being aggressive when you dont have a lot of pitches is fgood too. i’m not telling you to throw at the batter’s head but keeping your fastball in tight on hitters, especially at your age will totally ruin their confidance. maybe hitting one or two of them. it sure can sounds kind of odd but intimidation is part of baseball pitching. if you’re topo nice and you don’t have anything to get them out you’ll get rocket. if they’re scared of you you don’t need such a good arsenal.