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Hello. This looks to be a very good site so far. I have already added on a few topics, but anyways, let me introduce myself.
My name is Jake, and I’m from Davenport, Iowa. I currently go to school at Triton College in Chicago. For those who don’t know Triton is a D-1 JUCO. For reference, the late Kirby Puckett played baseball at Triton. I am a redshirt freshman recovering from Tommy John’s Surgery. I had Tommy John’s September 19th, 2006 causing me to miss my entire freshman season. It was performed by Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama.
Pre-surgery I was consistently throwing 85-88. Andrews expects a full recovery, and I have been working with Tom House since this last June. I’ve seen just about every way of teaching possible, (except for Mike Marshall…) and I have to say so far House has been by far the best. I love the way he teaches and how everything makes perfect sense.

Anyway that’s enough for me. If you have any questions for me you can PM me or just ask.

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Did you go to the pitcher summer prep last summer or any other camps? I was out there in San Diego for a week at the end of the summer.

Oh, and welcome!

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I went for the biomechanics eval. I did that whole thing, and I saw some clinic Tom puts on the entire summer. I’m not sure what it was exactly called. I had a semi-private lesson when I was there, and I worked out during the summer long clinic thing.

And thanks btw.

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how do ya train with, isn’t he busy with USC???

that’s pretty sick though, i wish i could do that…i like his teaching methods