New to the forums :D


Hi guys im new to this site and i just wanted to tell you guys a little something about me. im a left handed pitcher and im 14. i currently am pitching for a AAA team in Calgary Alberta
( yes, i’m canadian eh ) my favorite pitcher is Sandy kaufax because he was an incredible pitcher and he was also very humble. my least favorite player is Alex rodrigez… he just… sucks. coincedently my least favorite team is the new york yankees… they suck to. in my humble oppinion the chicago cubs are the greatist team in the history of baseball. i love those bums who cant win a pennant. i really look forward to learning lots on this site and i hope this site will help my pitching. :smiley:


Great to have you!!!

The CUBS! are you kidding, well there are quite a few New Yorkers here that would disagree with you on quite a few things…just saying.