New to the forum

Hey i just joined the forum today but i’ve been lurking around as a guest for a few months.
But i’m a soph at a pretty good D III college. Sorry i’m not telling you where exactly i go but its just a internet security thing.

I will say that my school is in the NJAC.

I’ve been pitching for about 7 years

I’m 6 foot even 200 lbs. I’m a starter for my school.

I throw a 4 seam running fastball
2 seam fb
circle change
this weird split/change thingy
a slider
a 2-7 curve

my speeds are in my sig

I know it may seem like i throw kinda hard and a lot of pitches but i throw my curve less than 3 times a game and my slider no more than 7 or 8 times. i have a some control issues with my 4 and 2 seam.
I’m a “power” type pitcher.