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My Name is Reed Morton, I’m a 14 year old player from the Kansas City Missouri area, and Play for the 16/U Sam Service Giants. I just got the 101 baseball tips and think they are great books, and read them both in one day after I got them. I have picked up some great tips and plan on using them. I will be a freshman this year at Liberty High School, and will graduate in 2012

I recieve pitching lessons from Top Urquarht, at Urquarht school of baseball. I have been going to Tom for about 6 years, and he has taught me a lot about pitching.

I throw 4 pitches
four seem fastball
two seem fastball
knuckle curve
circle change

I just started playing at the 16 year old level two weeks ago, and after two good releif appearances I made my first start, which I think went really well. I pitched 5 innings, allowed only one hit struck out three and walked three.

Earlier this year I was playing on a 14 year old team, and had over 50 strike outs in 26 innings pitched.

Thanks for all the great tips in the 101 Baseball tips books…I really think they were excellant books…

Thanks Reed Morton #20
Sams Service Giants :lol:

hi you sound pretty good