New to pitching


My name is Jesse, im 16, and I just love baseball… I used to play a while ago (RF), however after i stopped, I started to watch baseball, and got inspired to learn pitching. I was wondering if there was any pitch that is easy to learn, and noticable once you throw it correctly (I was thinking maybe a Curveball?)…
However, there are a few problems that get in my way… For example, I cannot buy something expensive to learn pitching (like the “spring back to you” equipment), and I dont have someone that can be a catcher for me. Anybody have any ideas for a pitch to learn, and a way to learn it (around my two previously stated problems)?


To just state, it seems like im a hopeless beginner, but I do know how to throw, and accurately too, my friend on the baseball team doesnt throw as well as I do, and my friend is a pitcher

you need a fastball. once youve got that then you can move onto breaking balls such as the curveball. a well placed fastball is still the best pitch in baseball despite what some people think. Get a good fastball then go changeup, then you have 2 pitches instead of going to the curveball and not being able to get it down pat possibly. If you cant throw the curve then try the forkball, similar to a fastball in many ways.

I know how to throw a 4 & 2 seam, but I was suggest a change-up, what do you guys think?

definetly learn the change… fastball and changeup is the deadliest combination in baseball… if you get those then you can work on the curve and eventually start to throw it in games

Is this a good place to practice pitching??

Any ideas for a DIY (do it yourself) way to pitch to something?

I was thinking about putting 3 boards in the ground, then putting a folded up big box infront of it, and throwing against that… Any other ideas? Do you think that if i put a big folded up box infront of the steps (in the back) that i could do that? (that length [long way] is about 75 ft long)

not really… but if its the best you got then…