New to pitching

Gidday, I live in New Zealand and have recently started to take up pitching. I’m 17 years of age, 160lbs and 6’1 high. I’m not a powerful person but can produce enough power.

I went out for my 1st pitch today from the actual distance after throw over 60 pitches from point blank range therefore straining my arm quite a bit.

Obviously coming from a cricket background, playing years of cricket, I’m finding it hard to convert to just standing there and throwing, as in cricket you run up and bowl it.

So I went out to the local school and roughly measured out the distance as the sun was going down quick. I had about 10 pitches and could only manage to throw it upto 51mph. As my arm was strained I was not fully fit but I would like to know how to get quicker in my pitching??

I see young guys around my age throwing far higher speeds, is that because theyve grown up with baseball or they are just more strong?? What kind of exercises should I looking at doing to increase and how long until it turns into result??

About my arm action and mechanics, I really wouldnt have an idea of where I am at, if it is right and stuff.

I plan to work on this all winter (summer to you’s) and all of the summer (winter to you’s) and try and somewhat turn myself into a decentish pitcher. But the thing what limits me overhere is that there is no baseball played at all anywhere. However I do plan to relocate to the US within 2 years.

Also where is it best to place the radar gun to get a correct reading?
Thanks heaps

what’s great about your situation is that since you’re old enough and have enough strenght you’ll see a lot of improvement in a short period of time. your arm will get used to the pitching motion and you will feel the difference very soon. the thing is to not over-use your arm too quickly. be sure to throw a lot but not too much at the same time. you could post a video of your mechanics here and people will tell you what are the good and bad things about it. kids throwing at higher speed is totally normal since throwing makes you throw harder.

Hi there.–Learn to throw the ball “correctly” first—Then realize that some people,for whatever reason,have what we call a “live” arm.In other words,not all people are created equal when it comes to throwing a ball.Learn proper fielding techniques,learn the situations…I’m not meaning to be negative at all,but shouldn’t you first learn the game and then make a decision how to use your ability the best way.Go ahead and pitch,but heck,you might be the best low-ball hitter ever…Good luck.

Yeah I see your point, I’ve been recently studying the game inside out, trying to learn ‘how to pitch’, the rules, everything On the pitching side of it I feel thats my game. I mean I dont think I have what it takes to be a batter, in cricket I’m not the greatest batsman and obviously its a completey different game but I just don’t pick the ball up for some reason and when I do the season ends. For some reason I’ve always liked bowling (pitching) more than batting in whatever sport and have excelled in it, obviously not pitching.