New to Pitching 12 year old

My son is in his second year of baseball. He is pitching and needs some help with his mechanics. Any constructive advise would be much appreciated.


You probably should post video from the other side instead of from behind him. I also think you should post the video in real time as well.

Here is the same full speed. I will post other angles soon.


His vertical lifting and lowering of his stride leg and lack of forward hip momentum going into his stride, coupled with a very minimal rear leg drive is leading to a very top half dominant delivery.

Are there any drills we can be doing to get him usi g his legg and pushi g off?

Lots of times, on this site, Hershiser drill for leading with the hip during leg lift. As far as leg drive goes, pitching from a mound and coupling the acceleration of the hand break and driving off the inside of the back leg works well. You may want to start off with the towel drill at first, to get something of a feel for it, but after a feel is established, throwing the ball incorporating the leg drive is the way to go. There needs to be a fluidity of that movement from leg drive to what is also referred to here as equal and opposite.

Falling forward is a good indicator that he’s not bracing up his front knee. If you look at his knee angle at the top his knee is nearly 90 degrees. It’s essentially forfeiting all leg energy at that angle. The best knee angles are 135 degrees or higher, with 180 being a locked out front knee at release. While, I’m not saying 180 is the goal, getting over 135 degrees should be. That front leg will essentially keep the hips back far enough that when the trunk flexes forward, he won’t lose his balance and fall forward.

Thats great info we are working on it now.


It’s a decision now about shortening up the stride or trying to push harder off the back leg. The harder push is the way to go because it creates more energy. Only if flexibility/mobility is an issue or if the stride is over 100% of body height should the stride be shortened. Also, if stride is reduced to less than 85% of height, it becomes less effective in generating power.