New Throwing/Drill

Drill work followed by throwing from the 3b and 1b sides. Any comments/criticism welcome!

I just quickly glanced at your videos, the top and bottom one. Generally I think they look good.

There are a couple things that I would suggest doing for your videos:

-get a camera stand
I found this helps me get my whole body in the video while allowing me to have a sturdy place for my camera to sit.

-get the camera level with your chest/head/shoulders. I feel like the video the is angled up is hard to gauge mechanics with.
I used a bucket to set my camera on for a while before I found my camera stand

-get your whole body in the video, scoot the camera away from you. You can always edit the few extra seconds it takes to turn on the video and walk to the spot you’re throwing.

-put some slow motion in, if your camera has enough frames per second, slow mo can be very helpful to look at for mechanics.

I had a camera stand that came with my video camera, so you can get creative with what you have, find the one that came with your’s, or go and by one.

I won’t comment too much on your mechanics because I didn’t watch very much of the videos, but I would say that you should have a longer stride. It’s hard to tell on video how long your stride, so you should measure it yourself and mention it with the video.

I notice in my videos that when I see my stride it looks shorter than it actually is, so mentioned how far your were striding can be helpful to the viewer.

If you ever need help with editing video, setting up your camera to video tape, or anything like that. Let me know and I’ll try to help.

Upon looking at your video more, the third one in particular I noticed two big things.

-opening up too early

I think most everyone else looks pretty good, but I would need to see better video to get a better gauge of your mechanics.

Check out my channel to see how your videos should look. I think that I set up my videos pretty well for the view.

I hope my comments help! Work hard, work efficiently. It’ll pay off!