New tape of my son and a new workout program

Ok lets try this again. I video taped from behind Home and down the third base line. Any suggestions. The first thing I noticed is his back leg in breaking down too early and his stride is a little short. Anyone else notice any issues that you can help with. Thanks again for everyones support.

Also, I bought a copy of TuffCuff and my son loves it. He has started the Phase 5 workouts and feels great afterwards. He didn’t do any of the preseason things so this is actually helping him loosen up a bit and hopefully grow a little strength during the season. I’m not looking for a huge improvement during this season…but we are hoping for some big results before his sophmore year next year.

JARVY, the thing is, he isn’t developing any mo…til the foot is just about down, thusly no stride, he ends up all arm. I’d get him a reputable coach and see if you can’t get him to a more fundementally sound delivery position. It shouldn’t take too long, not years…though he will always be at it…a few lessons and some follow up sessions to reinforce the relearning. He has way too much extranious energy going many different directions beside the target imo. The dip you see as well as the flying open and the head violence are misguided/misinformed shortcutted efforts by his body in attempting to develop some velocity. By-products of the shortcuts can be; accuracy issues, fatigue, arm soreness.
A little more fundemental development and he’ll have that solid sophmore campaign and a great opportunity to throw successfully and in an arm healthy fashion throughout hs.
Don’t take this as I think he’s a complete disaster or anything, he’s athletic, locked in and “looks” like a pitcher, which many many men much wiser than me have said is key.

I agree with JD - lack of momentum and stride length.

He collapses the posting leg significantly at the beginning of his delivery. Consider having him start with more bend in the knees and waist. Then get the butt moving as fast and as far down the hill as possible while still being able to maintain posture and balance. An speaking of posture, get him to keep his head upright (or eyes level).

Yhank you both for your help. Realy appreciated. You are right on point with what the pitching coach said as well. But these are thing I will make sure are key poin ts to work on.

Thanks again