New splitter-like pitch

Some of you might cracked this little trick already but I decided to post this in case somebody didn’t.

This is a grip I developed for people with hands not big enough to throw a normal splitter. Works with youngsters too. It’s a hybrid of a splitter and a knuckleball grip:

So you just basically throw it like a normal splitter or fastball. The ball should be slightly squeezed by the index and ring fingers.
Try also varying the place of the middle finger and see what works for you.

I hope somebody finds this useful.

spluckler thats what its called

another way to throw i is split the knuckleball grip and pluck you fingers

if you dont bend the middle finger you get a appleball change up

Great info kelvinp. Didn’t know that was already established as a spuckler as I’ve never seen it posted anywhere. Great.

about harden’s spluckler or spluckle

[quote]A’s catcher Jason Kendall calls it a forkball. Seattle Mariners slugger Richie Sexson recently called it a “ghost pitch.” Adam Melhuse, Kendall’s backup, has the most creative name of all: Spluckle.


“Because it’s not just a splitter,” Melhuse said Friday. “A splitter just drops straight down at the end. Rich’s knuckles out of his hand and floats around and then drops. It’s a splitter that knuckles. It’s a spluckle.”

And it doesn’t always drop straight down at the end, either.

“That’s from the knuckling action,” Melhuse said. “It’ll drop straight down sometimes, but it’ll drop down and in sometimes, and it’ll drop down and away sometimes. It makes it tough to catch. Half the time you’re just trying to knock it down.”

Harden shrugged and smiled when asked about the pitch, which he grips with the ball tucked much deeper between his fore and middle fingers than do most pitchers who throw splitters.

“I don’t care what anyone calls it,” he said, “as long as the umpires call it a strike.”