New sox hat

sox fans or not, this is a pretty sick hat

pretty ugly hat

Lets just hope they don’t wear shorts…sometimes those marketers do the dumbest stuff

you really think so?

I kindof like it. It will look great once it looks to the sky trying to find the ball smashes by Carlos Pena :lol:

haha i think you mean itll look great in the sky when papelbon throws it up in the air after a world series win.

LOL Good one but…It will look great staring at the ground after the Sox lose to the Rays in the ALDS.

Im gonna have to agree here.

The best players dont win championships, heart wins championships.

if heart wins championships, then the yankees have it this year. They know its disgraceful what they’ve done the past couple years, and now that they have arguably the best pitching rotation in the bigs and one of the most dangerous offenses they’re gonna win it all.

but remember the Rays and Sox stand in there way. Not to mention the Blue Jays always put up a fight (not much of one but their there)

Yeah but they just had one of the hugest off-seasons ever. CC and Burnett to go along with a healthy Wang who before he got injured had more wins in the past 3 years than any other pitcher in baseball. Then the always-potent offense and you could be able to stick Joba back in the bullpen to go to the greatest, Mo. Go Yanks!

(I’m with Navarro on the hat btw)

“LOL Good one but…It will look great staring at the ground after the Sox lose to the Rays in the ALDS.”

cant happen. these 2 teams cant meet in the ALDS because they are in same division.

yanks pitching looks very good now but to say their offense is dangerous, its not at all. it wasnt great last year and they got rid of their 2nd best hitter in abreu who was perfect for that 3 spot and giambi who wasnt bad.

Not a Sox fan by any means, but I do collect hats and have 23 of the 30 teams and this looks like it might be the next one added to the collection 8)

My bad I get the 2 confused sometimes.

Anything about the sox is awesome.