New slo-mo clips available

Taken from April 11, 2009 SF Giants vs. San Diego Padres @AT&T:

Barry Zito
Chris Young
Bob Howry
Jeremy Affeldt
Brian Wilson
Luke Gregerson
Edwin Moreno

Just go to YouTube, search: laflippin, choose “See All”, and browse the clips that have been added within the past 1 - 2 weeks.

These are all frontal views, pitching from the mound, in slo-mo, w/ tripod.

hey laflippin can u do one of those on Felix Hernandez in slow mo?



Sorry, I didn’t mean to ignore you–I just haven’t looked back at this thread for quite awhile.

I can’t honor requests like yours for Felix Hernandez because I’m limited to just a few SF Giants games per year. A buddy of mine has season’s tix and I get maybe 4 - 5 games per season.

My next game is July 29, Giants vs Pirates–needless to say, I have no idea who will be pitching…

New pitcher video clips available from SF Giants vs Atlanta Braves at AT&T Park, May 25, 2009:


RHP Jeff Bennett
RHP Buddy Carlyle
RHP Javier Vasquez


RHP Brian Wilson
RHP Justin Miller
RHP Brandon Medders
LHP Jeremy Affeldt
LHP Jonathan Sanchez

Go to YouTube, search: laflippin Choose “See All” and browse the recent video clips.

From June 17, 2009 @ AT&T Park, SF Giants vs Los Angeles Angels:

New YouTube vids:

RHP Tim Lincecum

RHP Matt Palmer

Coming very soon (from the same game):

Justin Speier

Brian Fuentes

Sergio Romo

Kevin Jepsen

As before, go to YouTube, search: laflippin, on bottom right of the video collection select “see all”, and browse for the most recent clips.

awesome vids

How do you make those vids?

A buddy of mine has season tickets at AT&T Park. The seats are directly behind home plate, which is a good angle, and on the 3rd tier so the view from those seats clears the protective screen at the backstop. In fact, the seats are right next to a Comcast TV camera bay…a very good location.

The SF Giants allow fans to bring in a camera and a tripod. (I was a little surprised that they would allow the tripod, but they just told me: “Don’t block other people’s view with it and you’re good to go”…I thought that was very nice).

The camera I’m using is a Casio EX-F1, which supports high-speed video as well as conventional frame rates and stills. It’s a pretty sweet little camera, I must say.

Thats very cool…U are so lucky…
Are you from the Bay Area?

Is it the casio exilim camera?

"Are you from the Bay Area?

Is it the casio exilim camera?"

----------Yes and yes. I’m glad you are enjoying the video clips.

What school u go to?
Im from oakland,CA

Before you rush out and buy an Exilim camera, it’s not just any Exilim model. There are many Exilim models but only two - EX-F1 and EX-F20 - do high speed video, I believe. Be prepared to drop some coin for one of these. :shock: