New Season/New Blog

I write a blog and am a very frequent lurker on here :), although I wish I could post more. I know there are books like “The Bullpen Gospels” out there but this is a little take on my journey through the minor leagues and what goes on when people aren’t watching.

Less of a take on my personal experience and more baseball and pitching. I hope you take a look and like it.

Looking forward to reading it Tusk

I have been reading your blog for quite a while, you write very well and I still tell your story about the guy who said, “Bro me a ball”…so dang funny. I would like to have you keep us up to date when there is a new post from you that reminds me to have a look. FYI, I don’t think your link to your facebook doesn’t work properly.

Keep up the great articles.

hahah The Bro Ball Me will forever stick with me, its one of those things that I couldn’t believe when it happened and I still can’t :slight_smile: