New Role for a New Team

Hey everyone. I just officially signed to the college I will be attending and playing baseball at. At this point I will have a opportunity to start in the infield, but also after talking to the coach he wants me to do some pitching, possible a closer role for the team. The thing is he wants me to drop down to a sidearm/sub angle. I’m nervous for it but I am very hesitant to tell him my concerns. The last thing I want is to have arm problems that prevent me from throwing across the infield!

Don’t worry about it.
The sidearm delivery is actually the easiest on the arm and the shoulder, and that might be what the coach was thinking when he said you should drop down to that angle. You might sacrifice a little velodcity, but you’ll more than make up for it with better control and command of your pitches—and as a sidearmer you’ll have a weapon other pitchers don’t have: the crossfire. Also, I’ve seen most infielders throw sidearm or close to it when making throws across the infield.
I was watching the Rangers and the Oakland A’s on TV this afternoon, and the rellief pitchers on both teams were throwing sidearm and doing it very effectively. 8)

Congrats! That’s really terrific. MLB pitcher Jesse Crain was a SS and closer with me on a collegiate summer league team, and now he’s an MLB reliever. You never know how things will work out, so keep working hard!