New Radar Gun

Finally broke down and convinced myself to buy a cheap radar gun. I decided to go with the Bushnell Speedster II Radar speed gun. Came to 100$, and I’ve heard from reviews it’s a pretty great gun for the price point and is only +/- 1 mph compared to the stalker guns. The only issue I see this having is durability, more then a usual amount of people have claimed they only last a year to two years before they start to fail or break all together but I figured I could part with 100$ for a radar gun. I will write up a review once I receive it and test it out :smiley:

Get it matched up with a stalker gun ever couple months if possible, over 4 years our teams has migrated about 5 MPH from the stalker.

Oh gee, I would if I knew anyone around here with a stalker…I don’t even think I’ve seen them at the junior levels here either but I really just need to get a base idea to be honest, although 5 mph is kinda killer.

thx. beein looking to buy one.