New Program

Im thinking about swtiching training programs and wondered what you guys think. It’s a program that I found on and modified.
It’s a 12 week program weeks 1-2 are split A and 3-4 are split B then 5-6 split A etc.

Monady split A

Squat - 3 reps x5
Front Squat - 10 reps x2
SLDL - 8 reps x2
Leg Curl - 8 reps x2
Calf Raises - 12 reps x2

Tuesday Split A

Bench Press - 3 reps x5
CG Bench Press - 8 reps x2
Skull Crushers - 8 reps x2
Incline DB Bench – 8 reps x3
Tri Ext or Tri Pressdowns - 10 reps x2

Thursday Split A

Steven Ellis 5lb Shoulder program 15 x 3
Bent Over Rows - 6 reps x2
Lat Pulldowns - 10 reps x2
Wrist roller – 8 reps x2
Hammer curls – 8 reps x2
Curls - 8 reps x2

Friday Split A

Deadlift - 3 reps x5
Good Morning - 8 reps x2
Shrugs - 12 reps x2
Hanging Leg Raises - 12 reps x2
Med Ball Core exersises
Side Plank x2
Plank x2

Monday Split B

Low Box Squat - 3 reps x5
Leg Press - 10 reps x2
Lunges - 8 reps x2
Power Clean - 5 reps x3

Tuesday Split B

Board Press - 3 reps x5
DB Bench Press - 8 reps x2
Weighted Dips - 8 reps x2
Reverse Grip Tri-Press downs - 10 reps x2

Thursday Split B

Concentration Curls – 8 reps x2
Steven Ellis 5lb shoulder program 15 x 3
Cable Rows (pulls to mid back) - 10 reps x2
RV Wrist Curls – 8 reps x2
Wrist Curls – 8 reps x2
RV Curls – 8 reps x2
Weighted Pull-ups - 6 reps x2

Friday Split B

Deadlift - 5 reps x3
Back Extension Machine - 10 reps x2
Power Shrugs (DB) - 10 reps x2
Rack Pulls – 3 reps x2
Med Ball Core Workout x2
Side Plank x2
Plank x2
Weighted Crunches - 12 reps x2

Any changes or adjustments I should make before I start this?
btw I have hockey games every Wedensday and one usually on the weekends with practises any time in between.

any thoughts?

no opinions?

I dont like it at all. There is too much isolation work on singular muscle groups. Like I mentioned in another thread, you only need 90 to 120 seconds of muscular tension, why devote an entire day to such a narrow muscle group?

It is a bodybuilder’s workout…

i have a workout that is more for pitchers using balance and core work. Also have a pretty good shoulder workout if you want it. You would have to email me if you want it. It will not load up on this becasue my stupid computer lol. So email me ok. its